People buy experiences they believe in.

We create digital and human experiences that help you stand out in a crowd.

It’s a crowded marketplace.

Have you lost confidence in your product’s ability to stand out? Are you worried about customer retention because of it? Companies that don’t have the knowledge or experience—or care about quality—shouldn’t be taking your share of the market.

Protecting the world.

The world can be a scary place. We sleep better at night knowing we’re helping soldiers detect and destroy anything that seeks to do us harm.

Creating an ecosystem to feed the world.

In order to feed billions, farmers have to do more with less. We helped them maximize their inputs (and dollars) by using data to analyze and improve yields.

Delivering care. Better.

When you’re sick, you shouldn’t have to fight for your care. We’re helping doctors decipher prescription coverage and deliver medications faster by reducing manual processes.

IBM John Deere Jack Henry & Associates US Army Feeding America Accenture

Unlocking millions with an internal redesign.

Medical equipment supply companies are rarely seen as innovative, but this client is making bold moves by improving internal processes to add millions to their bottom line.

Reshaping the way we bank.

Digital banking has removed one the most important components of banking: people. We’re helping this client create a digital counter, where personal interactions are at the forefront.

Saving 5000 lives a year.

Prioritizing mission critical items and creating a more usable interface made soldiers feel safer—100% of those interviewed believed we increased their likelihood of survival.

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We’ve helped companies like yours stand out in a crowd.

Our plan to help you gain “big fish” status:

Artboard 1

We start by thoroughly researching and understanding your users.

Artboard 5

We go to the drawing board to create something useful, usable, and beautiful.

Artboard 6

We test and revise until we’re confident it will stand out in a crowd.

Artboard 7

We help you launch with success—we’re not the type to dine and dash.

Ready to be a big fish? Jump in with confidence.

We understand. No one likes to feel like a little fish in a big pond.

We’re not your average consulting firm. If you work with us, know you’ll get six things:

An office of UX experts

We don’t just send in our best to sell the work then leave you with interns.

Increased customer retention

Your customers are 15% less likely to switch to a competitor.

The best form of marketing

Your customers are 16% more likely to recommend you to their friends.

Accelerated success

UX leaders have a 35% higher stock performance than the S&P 500 average.

Exactly what you pay for

We pride ourselves on quality work and won’t stop until you’re satisfied.

Happier people

Your customers and employees will be thanking you.


Are we friends yet?

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Visual Logic has a way of stripping away all the visual noise and cutting experiences down to something that is elegant and simple to use.

Michael Novotny // Senior Product Engineer

A poor experience may be costing you in more ways than one.

Invest in UX and you can see a return of up to ten times in value.

Why are our customer support costs so high?


Customers seem to need our tools—they tell us they do—so why do they keep choosing the competition?

- Lead Salesperson

Data shows that customers aren’t using half the features we deploy. Why?

- Your Best Developers

Why are my customers leaving?


Why does it take so long to train our employees? The cost is astronomical.


Why do priorities keep changing? This is destroying my budget.

- Project Manager

We hire talent and they’re gone a year later.

- Human Resources

Sound Familiar?

Start with a free half-day consultation.

We know these decisions aren’t made lightly, so we invite you to spend a half day with us working through your latest product challenge. It’s like taking a UX test drive.

Huge value. It's the best.

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Three ways to improve your customer's experience.

UX Workshops

Are you a DIY-er looking to bring UX to your company? We can come to you (or you can escape to our office) for an immersive workshop about all things UX, or if you’d rather hone in on a particular skill, we can do that too.

Starting at: $5,499

Start Leading

UX Subscription

Are you looking for an expert to help guide your less-experienced team? Or do you just need more hands to get the work done? We can provide a full-time employee to supplement your experience needs.

Per week: $5,000

Grow Faster

Project-Based UX

Is your system not performing as you hoped, or are you ready to upgrade an outdated experience? We can help you beat the competition by using our proven, scientific method to gain you more customer love.

Starting at: $35,000

Build Better